I am pretty athletic, my favorite hobby is competitive swimming. I also like to play with my friends like Bella she’s a lot of fun. I love animals they are so cute, I wish I could have a cat but my sister and dad are allergic. I had two dogs though but then I had to give them away when we moved. I find that I’m very energetic and frantic at times. I think I’m a genies but my siblings think different. Along with genies I believe I am highly intelligent but my siblings think differently. A fun fact about me is I don’t like milk I think it’s discussing, my favorite drink is cranberry juice.  One of my favorite things to do when I’m bored  is fly my kite except this strategy doesn’t work when its raining. Another thing I like to do when I’m bored is laugh I just laugh out of no where. I also like to make memories and take pictures  I always fear I will forget the best memories of my life. It drives me crazy when I’m not neat and organized. I like to be proud of my self but for me sometimes it´s hard but I´m proud of my grades and I´m proud of my family. A lot of times I´m quiet in class but as soon as I get out of class I am the opposite. My mom likes to think of me as responsible she also likes to think of me as sweet but my sister thinks of me as sassy. Did I mention I love to swim its my favorite hobby, anyway when I´m swimming I look tireless but on the inside I´m thinking when is thins going to be over I´m so tired. Another one of my hobby’s is cooking. I love to cook I´m the only one in my family that enjoys cooking and that is one way I´m unique. Another fun fact about me is my favorite TV show is Victorious  the only bad part about that is it rarely comes on anymore because it is really old. I also really like to vacation, all my favorite places to vacation have to do something with the beach, I just love being in the open water. Before I even started at my new school my sister made it on the cheer team and on the first day of practices in the first ten minets of practices something when wrong in a stunt and before I new it my sister needed stitches so we rushed her to children’s hospital and waited and waited for her to get an x-ray. I like focus on school and get good grades but my worst class is Spanish I can hardly under stand our teacher, he has such a heavy ascent. Anyway I don´t like that class he even made us pick Spanish name total different from our regular names, my Spanish name is Yolanda (I know weird right.) My last fun fact is my favorite animal, my favorite animal is a Zebra. I hope you liked this and it gives you a good idea of me and some details about me.

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