Limassol, Cyprus - Christmas Tree 2016

I have a ton of Christmas traditions with my family. They include stalking, matching pajamas, 2-4 separate Christmases, white elephant, secret Santa, a new ornament each Christmas, different made up games, and more! Stalkings a lot of people including my family but, we like to do tricks like my aunt hates hot sauce so every year we put hot sauce in her stalking. Matching pajamas a lot of people also do this there is not a hole lot special about this just we take a picture every year and we normally wait till the last minute and end up improvising. The next part changes normally each year but, not always.

When I lived in Arizona (almost two years ago) I had two one at my moms and one at my dads. When I moved I had one on Christmas then I had one with my grandma when she got off work. My grandma has a strict schedule so sometimes shes not home on Christmas. Then we do a hole family Christmas everyone come family members I hardly know who comes sometimes. Sometimes the family Christmases get split up that’s why it’s 2-4.

White elephant is really fun! It’s were you buy a random present and then in a random order people chose a warped present, unwrap it and trade someone if they wanted. Secret Santa is kinda along the same lines you are assigned someone you have to buy a present for that’s basically it. Every year my aunt makes a ornament for everyone or we buy a family one that represents each Christmas. My other aunt likes to design games some are just games combined and sometime she totally makes up regardless we play them and they are a lot of fun.

Fun DIY Christmas ideas

White Elephant Rules 

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