My story is about an Olympic swimmer that has a brain tumor. Her name is Alice and she just made it on the Olympic swim team at the age of 15. She had a stroke one day and went into a coma for a few hours. After that, the doctor ran some tests and confirmed it was a tumor.  Alice’s parents never told her, and She had no memory of what happened. Last week, she had her first competition and won first place. Yesterday was the second competition. When she got up on the block, she felt dizzy and right before it started her eyes rolled back and she fell into the water. A second after that, the horn when off, indicating that’s when you were supposed to go. Quickly, the referee yelled, “False start, disqualified”! Then, he realized she wasn’t getting out of the water he yelled HELP! Someone help that girl. A coach jumped in and got her out then, she was rushed to the hospital. That night we all prayed with no new information.

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